Can I get on the list?


This is a common question asked to many breeders, and all breeders do things differently.  When deciding on breeding, I like to make sure I have several committed people to a litter before making it happen.   I do not keep a "first come first serve" list for litters.  It is very important to me that all puppies are matched to the best possible homes.  Once a puppy application has been returned, and we have established communication and get to know one another..I will make sure an upcoming litter will be the right fit for everyone. 

Since we are a small breeder, and most often only have 1 litter a year or less...I do not keep a long list of people waiting on puppies.  My waiting lists are for specific breedings that are happening.   Once it is determined that there will be a good match between breeder and homes, I do ask for a deposit.  If for any reason the breeding doesn't take, or I can not hold up my end of a reasonable timeline, the deposit can be refunded.


Can I pick my puppy? 


This is also another question often asked, and again all breeders have different approaches.  I do not let people pick their own puppies.  The intimate time I spend with the puppies helps me make sure everyone gets their Perfect Puppy!  This I also why it is important for us to get to know each other!  All the information you share about your lifestyle and what you want to do with your puppy helps in this process.  


Can I breed my puppy?


Unfortunately, No.  All puppies are sold on NON breeding/Limited registration contracts.   


What about a Health guarantee?


Breeders do their best to make sure all their puppies are healthy and free of hereditary disease.  However, we can not control everything!  I do offer a full health guarantee for any genetic disease known to affect Border Collies.