Here is where you will find information on our litters here at Orion.  Click on the pictures to see each litter page.


Vanquish x Hops

  • Orion Hop Devil "Victory" owned by us
  • Orion One Too Many "Tipsy" owned by us
  • Orion Dress to Impress RA DDS CGC TKA "Style" owned by Tiffany Long in MN
  • Orion Sequined Love Nun "Gimmick" owned by Rob Vekasy in GA
  • Orion Rampage TKP "Page" owned by Taylor Meyer in MS
  • Orion Let's Go Bar Hopping CGC "Bounce" owned by Shari Seidman, co-owned by us

Myth x Player

  • Orion Stranger Things "Creature" owned by Katy Chadwick/O'my Border Collies in GA
  • Orion Werewolf In London "London" FDCH DM owned by Babz Mahoney in FL, co-owned by Katy Chadwick/O'My Border Collie
  • Orion Full Throttle "Torque" RATO CZ8B DM DS DJ CGCA CGCU owned by Shari Seidman in Ill
  • Orion Celtic Mystery "LilBit" owned by Judi Lehrhaupt, co-owned by us
  • Orion Chica owned by Jennifer Moog in NY

Clever x Dallas

  • Orion White Knuckle Ride RATN AMA DMX DE SSA SG AD IND AX NAJ BCAT "Bronco Billy" owned by Kristen Bartell in PA
  • Orion Maybe She's Born With It "Maybe" owned by Laura Moretz in NC
  • Orion Jaime FM owned by Lauralee McGuire in MD
  • Orion Deep In The Heart Of Texas DSX2 ASX CGC "Bright" owned by Bri Benton in TX
  • Orion Damascus Steel "Edge" owned by us

Sprint x Bryte