Here is where you will find information on our previous litters.  With every puppy owner, we open our home to making our little dog family bigger!  We are very proud of all our puppies, and love to share all they are doing! 

 Click on the pictures to see each litter page.


vanquish x Grit

  • Orion For The Win "Sweep" Staying here with us
  • Orion Cut Your Losses “Profit” Staying here with us
  • Orion Commanding Perspective  " Vantage" Owned by Jessica Sutton in OH
  • Orion Just Win It "Nike" Owned by Elise Fuxell in GA
  • Orion He’s Raisin' The Bar "Zion" Owned by Kelsey Engel in OH
  • Orion Repeat That "Ozzy" Owned by Lauralee McGuire in MD
  • Orion Livin' The Dream "Livy" Owned by Susan Schmidhauser in DE

Story x Hot Shot

  • O’My! Hot Topic at Orion “Scandal” DS AKC CH MAJ PNT Staying here with us
  • O’My! Orion Comin’ In Hot “Skrrt”  NAJ HIC RN CGC TKN Owned by Bailey Edmunds in GA, Co- owned with O’My!  Border Collies
  • O’My! Orion Too Hot To Handle “Joshua”  Owned by Emma Parsons in MA

Vanquish x Hops

  • Orion Hop Devil DS BCAT DDB AKC Major Pointed "Victory" owned by us
    • Qualified for 2022 NADD Regionals
  • Orion One Too Many DS BCAT DDB FDCH-G "Tipsy" owned by us
  • Orion Dress to Impress CD RA RM DDU CGCU CGCA  TKA DSA DM BCAT RATS  “Style" owned by Tiffany Long in MN
    • *  2021  Skyhoundz World Champion in Bullseye!  
  • Orion Sequined Love Nun "Gimmick" owned by Rob Vekasy in GA
  • Orion Rampage AX AXJ XF DM TKP "Page" owned by Taylor Meyer in MS
    • * 2021 NADD National Showcase 3rd Place in Master Division!
  • Orion Let's Go Bar Hopping DJ DSA CGCA CGCU TKA "Bounce" owned by Shari Seidman, co-owned by us
    • Qualified for 2022 NADD Nationals

Myth x Player