Meet Tipsy...

Orion One Too Many DSA BCAT FM DDB

DOB: 4-21-19
16.5”  25 lbs
OFA Hips Good, Elbows and Shoulders Normal
BAER Normal
CEA carrier EOAD Carrier
Black and White, carries dilute and red


Tipsy is from our Vanquish/Hops litter.  We really didn't intend to keep two puppies from this litter...but while waiting for the perfect home, well she decided she wanted to stay!  Tipsy is a mini version of her mother... small, fast, driven to work!  She is showing great promise in disc and flyball.  She also LOVES the water.  Since the moment she jumped in the first time, there is no stopping her!  We can't wait to see what she can accomplish on the dock!  Tipsy has been on sheep several times,  we will start more training this spring.

Tipsy finished her first dock season with a PB of 18’6!  Big things are in store for this little powerhouse!

2022 updates -- Tipsy has started her flyball training and we are exited to get back in the lanes!  Hoping to make her debut in March.  She is coming along in disc also, qualifying for UPDIF in 4 way play and Frizgiity!  
Tipsy has run in her first flyball tournaments!  She is doing awesome!  Right now she is running 4.3 in the pack.  She LOVES to race!

2023 - Tipsy continues do do great in flyball, she finished her DSA in dock diving with a new PB of 18'9".   She is even doing some herding!   She was worried about sheep when she was younger, so we tried ducks!  She has good eye, nice distance and pace.  I'm glad to have another journey with her!