Meet Pixel...

Orion Dots Per Inch AD NAJ SG SJ 30K
5-2-03 — 12-12-17
15.75" 22lbs

Altho we had planned on breeding Pixel...she had other things in mind!!  She is an all star flyball dog, and is the height dog for our team.  Her fastest time has been 4 sec. over 9 inches...not bad for a midget dog :)  Pixel has many names.....she IS the devil!  She sucks in everyone that meets her with her i'm an angel look, little do they know :)  She is also a fantastic agility dog and starting to clean up in the 16" class.  You will often find her way out behind all the other dogs..being flat, her permanent position.  And often you will see her herding planes and birds in the sky.  She did get to work sheep when she was younger, she thought it was much easier to just grab on and go for a ride! 

spayed/never bred